Who We Are

AFS Group was founded in 2016 as a delivery service. It didn’t take long to realise that the logistics industry was crying out for new ideas. We realised we had to work smarter, not harder, and developed our own support services in the subsequent years. These services include divisions for: software, delivery, leasing and auto repairs.

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Our Values


We work hard to find the right solutions for you.


The logistics industry is constantly evolving; and so are we.

AFS Group Services


Courier service operating with 280 drivers. Driver experience and delivery quality are crucial.

Delivery Services


State-of-the-art auto repair centre providing efficient and cost-effective repairs to all vehicles.

Repair Services


Your leasing partners. Here to provide an overall better leasing experience for clients and drivers.

Leasing Services


Unique software allowing you to manage your drivers, fleet, scheduling, payroll, & compliance.


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Our Vision

To deliver an adaptable service focused on finding solutions across all areas of the logistics industry.

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Meet Our Senior Management Team

Scott Goudie


Scott, along with Jamie, started AFS in 2016. Scott has around 30 years’ experience in logistics. He has a passion for people and tech and how both combined can create great customer experience. This passion is what has driven the growth of AFS.

Jamie Winchester


Jamie co-launched AFS in 2016. He has 11 years’ experience working within the logistics industry. He once owned a taxi company for 11 years – evident to his pursuit for providing quality service. There aren’t many people that Jamie doesn’t know.

Klavs Grinvalds


Prior to joining AFS, Klavs spent 5 years working within business analytics and internal system building, 3 of which centred predominantly within the logistics industry – including people management, delivery experience improvement, and fraud detection.

Louise Chapman

Financial Controller

Louise came to AFS with 15 years’ finance experience in a variety of roles and industries, including utilities, manufacturing, and distribution. Louise is enthusiastic about all things business and loves working in an ever-changing environment.

Kieran Hughes

Fleet Manager

Kieran started at AFS with over 10 years’ experience working in fleet industry. Having previously worked within the vehicle industry and public sector related roles, he has built up an extensive portfolio of industrial experience in his career.