The logistics industry: evolved.

AFS are bringing innovative ideas and a fresh perspective to help take the logistics industry to the next level.

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We offer a variety of support services that will help to improve the logistics industry.

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Courier service operating with 280 drivers. Driver experience and delivery quality are crucial.

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State-of-the-art auto repair centre providing efficient and cost-effective repairs to all vehicles.

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Your leasing partners. Here to provide an overall better leasing experience for clients and drivers.

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Unique software allowing you to manage your drivers, fleet, scheduling, payroll, & compliance.


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AFS Delivery

AFS Delivery operates with 280 drivers and vehicles across more than 32 depots. When we were founded in 2016, our goal was to improve the quality of deliveries and the overall driver experience. This remains our priority today, and we achieve this by using advanced technology, data, and enhanced safety measures. AFS Delivery is proud to set the industry standard.

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AFS Repairs

Our state-of-the-art auto repair centre in Cumbernauld provides efficient and cost-effective repairs to cars and commercial vehicles. The centre is manned with fully trained technicians, and we’re BSI 10125 accredited. Every day a vehicle is off the road will cost the logistics industry time and money. With the AFS Auto Repair Centre, your fleet is in safe hands.

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AFS Leasing

We know the logistics industry inside out and we understand the pressures you will face during the busiest times of the year, so we won’t make you jump through hoops to lease our vehicles. We use our experience and fleet of vehicles to help simplify the leasing industry and offer a better overall service.

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AFS Software

Shortly after starting AFS Delivery, we realised there wasn’t a software solution on the market to help manage all the challenges faced by last mile delivery couriers.

We needed a solution that could help manage our vehicles and drivers, schedule effectively, send accurate invoices, reduce insurance premiums, and keep us fully compliant. To grow and scale our business, we needed to build our own software. 4 years in development and we are now able to share our solution with the logistics community, via UniQore, our software partner.

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